Victor Group NYC | About us
Learn more about Victor Group and the approach and vision that drives the company to success in real estate development based in Manhattan.
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Victor Group is a leading real estate development company based in New York City with an unwavering commitment and passion for developing high quality, uniquely designed residential buildings.  Founded by Moshe Shuster in 1994, Victor Group specializes in the development of ground-up residential projects in Manhattan. With decades of international and local experience, Victor Group’s leadership team has forged global partnerships with top lenders, investors, leading architects, and joint venture partners. The firm has a keen eye for detail, understands all facets of development, and is hands-on throughout every aspect of the process from beginning to end. Today, Victor Group continues to develop beautifully designed and steadfast buildings that achieve the highest performing results.


Victor Group takes pride in its ability to foresee up-and-coming neighborhoods and to identify development opportunities before the rest of the market catches on. The firm endeavors to stay ahead of market trends and is in constant pursuit of innovation.  Victor Group adheres to a uniquely hands-on approach to real estate development, which results in remarkably refined buildings that continue to outperform the competition.


Victor Group strives to develop timeless, savvy, and financially successful buildings that cater to the demands of the ever-changing real estate market in New York City. The firm collaborates with global partners and leading architects, designers, and builders to ensure each development is distinctive and successful.